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Thousands of professionals in NSW have transformed their business through energy management training programs. Learn online at your own pace, study face-to-face with industry experts, and get technical support to implement projects.

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Courses overview

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Cost: Free Duration: 20-30mins
We offer several courses around compressed air systems. Compressed air systems are referred to as the “hidden utility” because they are everywhere. Surprisingly they guzzle energy and often run inefficiently.
Cost: Free Duration: 4 x 20mins, + 45mins video
This practical, self-guided course will teach you how to lower your energy use, collect and manage data and reduce your energy costs. It consists of four online modules and a forty minute online lecture from an energy expert.
Cost: Free Duration: 2 x 20mins
Get the case for your energy efficiency project through to the decision-makers in your business. Learn how to plan, develop and communicate the business case for energy efficiency projects.
Cost: Free Duration: 5 x 20mins
This course provides a structured approach to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) optimisation, operation and maintenance to help you boost the efficiency of your HVAC system.
Cost: Free Duration: 5 x 25mins
Lighting can use up to half your business’ electricity consumption. But with new technology, you can achieve better lighting with much less energy. This training will help you to identify the best lighting solutions and implement your lighting upgrade projects.
Cost: Free Duration: 1 x 20mins
Refrigeration systems can be overlooked in energy management, but significant savings can often be had. This online course will help unlock these savings for your business.

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