Are you a small business and want to reduce energy costs?

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Register for our free, interactive webinars on a range of topics and learn how to save your business thousands of dollars.

These practical webinars are ideal for business professionals wanting to take control of their energy consumption and costs.

Webinar 1 - Demand management & energy contract negotiation

No matter what size your business operation is, energy costs can take up a large part of the finances. There are ways you can manage your energy usage without large upfront costs. It’s as simple as renegotiating your energy contract.

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Webinar 2 - Solar pumping and irrigation for small pumps

Do you pump a lot of water? Is the costs of diesel and electricity beginning to be an issue? How about system reliability or maybe having to fill the diesel tanks for your pumps seem like wasting valuable time. Then maybe solar pumping could be a good alternative option for you.

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Webinar 3 - Energy management for accountants

Energy is one of the largest unmanaged costs for businesses, often seen as a necessary expense. You can help your clients by attending this webinar, which will explain in accounting terms the benefits of energy management.

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