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Reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs with training, support and resources.  

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Our training courses are practical, collaborative and ‘hands-on’. They have a clear focus on energy efficiency and help participants understand energy use and identify opportunities to implement energy management projects within their business.

Learn online at your own pace, study face-to-face with industry experts and get technical support to implement projects.

What’s on offer?

  • free online modules
  • face-to-face workshops
  • customised in-house training
  • masterclasses, webinars
  • expertise from industry professionals
  • course workbooks, guides, tools and templates
  • one-on-one post-training support

Free online learning

Understanding refrigeration basics

Does your business have a refrigeration system? For some, this can be the biggest energy user within their business. Learn why it's important to consider  your refrigeration system when managing energy, and the benefits of small alterations and simple maintenance practices.

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Voltage optimisation

Installing voltage optimisation can deliver significant energy savings when done properly. But what is voltage optimisation, and will it benefit your business? This module will help answer these questions.

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Energy efficient lighting

Lighting can be a major expense for business.  But with new technology, improving lighting efficiency has never been more affordable. This training course will help you identify the best lighting solutions and implement your lighting upgrade project.

This course is divided into five online modules. The first four modules are free. The fifth module, module 5, costs $150. This module includes 2 hours of one-on-one online guidance by an industry expert as well as tools and templates to help you implement your lighting project. In order to access module 5, and the post-training support, you must first complete module 2.

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Face-to-face workshops

Battery storage for business

Battery storage technology will change the way we use energy. This course will help you decide if battery storage is suitable for your business.  The workshop is run by industry experts over two half-days.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn about commercial battery storage systems
  • Identify what makes your site suitable (or not) for battery storage
  • Identify risks
  • Evaluate quotes from installers and suppliers
  • Review the technology without the influence of brand marketing and sales hype.

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Energy efficient HVAC for business

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, also known as HVAC, can be a high energy user for businesses. Optimising and upgrading your system can help you reduce your energy bills. This course will help you boost the efficiency of your HVAC system.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand basic HVAC principles and concepts.
  • Understand the drivers and barriers that affect HVAC energy efficiency.
  • Describe the HVAC optimisation opportunities that can be used to achieve HVAC energy efficiency.
  • Analyse the costs, benefits and risks of various optimisation opportunities.
  • Understand site-specific training support provided by OEH.

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Energy efficient commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration systems can be overlooked when you are searching for ways to cut back on energy use. But improvements to the productivity of your system, or upgrades, can lead to significant savings.

What you’ll learn:

  • Selecting an energy efficient system when upgrading.
  • Working effectively with service providers for the best outcome.
  • Trends in the industry and what they mean for you.

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