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Register for our free, interactive webinars on a range of topics and learn how to save your business thousands of dollars.

The sessions run for about 30 minutes and will be facilitated by independent energy efficiency expert Nick Palousis.

These practical webinars are ideal for business professionals wanting to take control of their energy consumption and costs.

Webinar 1 - Commercial refrigeration - keeping your costs cool

1st August 2018 (Recording available)

Refrigeration can be one of the most expensive items in any business. With rising power costs and strict regulation forcing the phase-out of certain refrigerants, commercial refrigeration will become even more pricey.

The good news is you can reduce costs by improving the energy efficiency and reliability of your system.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • where and how energy is being used in your refrigeration system
  • how to improve overall efficiency
  • what to consider when purchasing a new commercial refrigeration system.

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Webinar 2 - Climate change and your small business - what next?

5th September 2018 (Recording available)

In 2015, global commitments were made at a United Nations meeting in Paris to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. While the new policies will influence the NSW economy, it is a tricky time as businesses work out how to prepare.

This webinar will help participants understand:

  • What is climate change and why is it relevant to my business?
  • What impact does my business have on a changing climate?
  • What can I do to reduce my impact?
  • What funding and other help is available?

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Webinar 3 - Energy Productivity - the new buzz in smart business

3rd October 2018 (Recording available)

Managing how much energy you consume is good for the bottom line. It can also benefit your business in many ways, such as:

  • increase your production using the same amount of energy
  • make you more adaptable to change
  • create new revenue streams.

In this webinar, we’ll take a methodical approach to energy productivity by asking:

  • What are the benefits of energy productivity to my business?
  • Where is energy used in my business?
  • What is possible in my business to improve energy productivity?
  • How do I implement these improvements in the right order and for the right reasons?

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Webinar 4 – Heating and air conditioning – reduce your costs

7th November 2018 (Recording available)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are a significant business cost. For a standard commercial building, it can account for around 40% of total energy consumption.

Improving HVAC performance via control systems can give immediate benefits. These include lower energy bills, greater comfort for tenants, reduced maintenance costs, and improved NABERS and Green Star building performance.

This webinar will give practical advice on how to:

  • identify the major components of the HVAC system in your building
  • understand what type of system you have
  • get the best out of your existing system
  • determine what to consider when upgrading to a new system.

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Webinar 5 – Shining a light on solar and batteries; assess what's right for your business

5th December 2018 (Recording available)

With energy prices rising, solar panels have become more popular.

More businesses are going a step further by installing battery storage and solar together as a way of reducing their reliance on electricity from the grid – in some cases by up to 100%.

Knowing what to do can be a challenging task for businesses, especially with the ever-increasing number of options on the market.

This webinar will give you the lay of the land and explain:

  • the range of onsite generation and battery storage options available
  • how to assess what is right for your business
  • available funding and financing options.

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