Commercial refrigerator rebates

Thinking about buying a new commercial fridge? An energy efficient refrigerator can save you hundreds of dollars on your power bills every year.

What’s available?

Eligible small businesses can get a NSW government rebate for new plug-in commercial fridges and freezers.

Am I eligible?

To get the rebate, you need to meet the requirements listed in the Program Guidelines (PDF 152KB).

You need to be acting on behalf of a small business that:

  • has an Australian Business Number (ABN) and is registered to collect GST.
  • produces goods and/or provides services in NSW.
  • is an actively trading business employing 50 or fewer full-time employees (or equivalent) and/or is a business with less than $10 million annual turnover.
  • is not an investment trust, managed fund, strata title scheme, subsidiary or holding company of a larger business.
  • is not insolvent.
  • purchased/leased an eligible product between 9 September 2019 and 30 September 2021.

What should I consider before applying?

Before purchasing a commercial refrigerator to apply for a rebate you should read and consider the Program Guidelines (PDF 152KB).

How much can I get?

Businesses can receive a rebate of up to $1490 per fridge.

Savings vary between models. For example, you could get a rebate of $500 on an energy efficient, two door vertical display fridge. Compared to a standard fridge, this could save you over $350 a year off your energy bill.

The rebate is calculated based on the estimated energy consumption over the lifetime of the fridge.

Fridges cannot be purchased on this website. Buy or lease one through a commercial fridge dealer or manufacturer.

Check if the refrigerator you want to buy qualifies for the rebate by using the eligible product list below.

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Fridges available for the rebate are chosen from the list of commercial refrigerators on the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Regulator’s online database.

Get quotes for your new fridge from more than one supplier. 

What do I need to apply for the rebate?

You need to buy or lease under an agreement an eligible commercial refrigerator between 9 September 2019 and 30 September 2021. You must provide all the information outlined in the Program Guidelines (PDF 152KB). This includes:

  • an invoice for the purchase of an eligible commercial refrigerator, if you have purchased the refrigerator outright.
  • a lease agreement and invoice for the purchase of an eligible commercial refrigerator, if you have leased the product.
  • a photo of the serial number of the refrigerator that you have purchased or leased.
  • the NSW business address where the refrigerator will operate. We may check the refrigerator is operating at this site.

Have these ready to complete the application in one go.

How many rebates can I claim?

You can up claim up to five rebates under the program.

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Any questions?

Contact us if you have questions about the rebate application process. hello [at]

Page last updated on 22 October 2020