Manufacturing efficiency funding

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The NSW Government is helping manufacturers save energy and money.

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What's available?

We are offering funding for:

Compressed air metering

You can get up to $5,000 to install metering on your compressed air system.
Learn more about the offer and how to apply.

Compressed air and steam system services

You can get up to $11,000 worth of services for your compressed air and steam system. Services include air use reviews, leak surveys, steam trap audits and thermal imaging.
Learn more about the offer and how to apply.

Energy coaching

Save through subsidised one-on-one expert support from our panel of energy advisors. Improve the way you manage energy and get ready for the next funding round. Get up to $4,000 (conditions apply) of support for only $400. 
Learn more about the offer and how to apply.

Interested in managing your energy more strategically?

See how your business is performing and identify energy priorities.
Learn more with our interactive energy management courses.

Energy management benchmarks

If you are in manufacturing, agriculture or mining, talk to us about our free benchmarking assessments.
Learn more about the offer and how to apply.

How to receive payment for current funding participants

Have you already received a Manufacturing Efficiency Funding contract, implemented your project, and are now seeking payment?

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For Offer 1 and Offer 2b, you’ll need to complete Part A of the Measurement and verification plan and report as your first milestone. Complete Part B once you’ve implemented your project.

Need a hand? Read the Manufacturing Efficiency Funding Guide (PDF 217KB), frequently asked questions (PDF 112KB) or manufacturing [at] (contact us).

Success stories

Businesses that have implemented similar projects have found savings can be more than $100,000 a year while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


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Page last updated on 24 February 2020