Compressed air and steam services offer

Professionals inspect compressed air unit.

What is available?

The NSW Government will fund a check-up on your compressed air and steam systems.

They are often inefficient and could be costing you a lot to run.

A check-up includes:

  • compressed air use reviews
  • compressed air leak surveys
  • thermal imaging surveys
  • steam trap surveys.

We will fund approved suppliers up to $11,000 to do the job for you.

This offer runs until 3 July 2020 or until funding is exhausted.


To be eligible you must:

  • have an ABN and be registered for GST
  • do on site manufacturing or cotton ginning in NSW. If you’re unsure, contact us at manufacturing [at]
  • have a compressed air system with operational capacity of 30kW or greater
  • have a steam system with operational capacity of 500kW or greater.

How to apply

Choose an approved supplier from the list below. They will work on the application with you.

They will get you to sign the Business Declaration (DOCX 54KB).

Find a supplier:

Only use suppliers on this list.

Company Contact Survey

Offer Details

Compressed air use review

We will fund up to $5000 per site.

Your chosen supplier will:

  • assess your compressed air system and end-use equipment
  • look at ways to eliminate or cut your compressed air use
  • give you a report which will outline ways to improve your system.

Compressed air leak survey

We will fund up to $3000 per site.

Your chosen supplier will identify and tag compressed air leaks with an ultrasonic leak detector. They will give you a report with details of the leaks and estimates on savings you can make if you get them fixed.

Thermal imaging survey

We will fund up to $1500 per site.

Your chosen supplier will produce a thermal imaging report identifying equipment that would benefit from installing lagging. The report will include estimated savings.

Steam trap survey

We will fund up to $1500 per site.

Your chosen supplier will assess the steam traps in your system. They will report on their condition and any failures.

Get the funding

If your application is successful, we will pay the supplier you have chosen from our list directly. We cover all costs up to the funding caps listed above. You are responsible for any additional expenses.


Erin contacts an approved supplier to do a compressed air leak survey. They quote $4000 for the job. Erin accepts. The approved supplier does the paperwork, sends it to the NSW government and the application is successful. The NSW government funds $3000 for leak surveys, Erin pays the supplier $1000 once the job is finished.

Program updates

Applications will be accepted until the closing date on 3 July 2020 or until the fund is exhausted.

We will update this webpage with new details about this program if:

  • funding runs out before the closing date
  • the offer is extended.

This offer is supported by the NSW Climate Change Fund.

Contact us

Please contact us at manufacturing [at] if you have questions.

Page last updated on 7 April 2020