Energy efficient lighting guide

Upgrading your lighting system can help your business save money on energy use.

Office worker looks at newly installed lights

Some businesses use up to 50% of their overall energy use on lighting. 

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Switching to a more efficient lighting system can:

  • reduce your electricity bill
  • reduce the need for costly maintenance
  • improve safety and conditions at your premises.

See our fact sheet for a simple summary of the technology:

Lighting Fact Sheet (PDF 236KB)

Lighting technology report

If you decide to switch to energy-efficient lighting the Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report can help you:

  • understand the various lighting solutions available – their costs, savings and payback periods
  • select the cost-effective upgrades best suited to your business
  • implement a lighting upgrade.

Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report (PDF 3.6MB)

Technical information

Are you a supplier, installer, plant operator, site engineer or facilities manager? Detailed technical information about lighting upgrade options is available in our Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report – technical details (PDF 1MB).

Energy efficient lighting training

Lighting can be a major expense for business.  But with new technology, improving lighting efficiency has never been more affordable. This training course will help you identify the best lighting solutions and implement your lighting upgrade project.

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Page last updated on 8 April 2019