Voltage optimisation guide

Is voltage optimisation right for your business?

Professionals look at voltage optimisation units

Voltage optimisation technology works by adjusting the voltage supplied to a site. This can mean that the needs of certain equipment and lights are met in the most effective way. The technology is a relatively new solution for Australian businesses to use as they look for the best ways to manage both energy use and equipment life. Its effectiveness, however, can vary widely depending on a site’s voltage supply and the equipment in use.

The potential benefits

For sites where voltage supply is higher than needed, and a large proportion of equipment is considered sensitive to changes in voltage, energy savings of up to 12% or more are possible.

Other benefits of voltage optimisation can include:

  • an overall increase in the lifespan of voltage-sensitive electrical equipment
  • potential reductions in maintenance frequency
  • improvement in overall site power quality (depending on the type of voltage optimisation technology used).

See our fact sheet for a simple summary of the technology:

Voltage optimisation factsheet (PDF 352KB)

Get the guide

The handy step-by-step guide will help you decide if voltage optimisation technology can benefit your business. The guide includes a practical toolkit of checklists and business templates to make it easy for you to work through each of the five steps.

Voltage optimisation guide (PDF 1.5MB)