Discover what's using the most energy

Get a handle on your electricity bill by doing an assessment.  

Do a basic investigation yourself.  If you don’t have the skills, or if you need more detailed information, get an energy efficiency consultant to do it.

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Do it yourself

  • Regularly review your energy bill to make sure you’re on the best deal. Check your tariff and look for unusual seasonal-use patterns.

  • Go online and check the energy data from your smart meter to get a sense of what is using power. The data is available through the website of your energy provider. You can download it as a spreadsheet.

  • Use the Energy Rating Calculator to check expected energy use of appliances.

  • Use a power meter to check actual energy use of plug-in appliances.

  • Use energy efficient appliances with high star ratings. Target equipment that involves heating and cooling as they use the most energy.

Get an audit

There are benefits to getting an audit done by an energy expert.

  • It is a good option if you want an accurate real-time reading for all plug-in and hard-wired appliances.

  • It is recommended for businesses with annual electricity bills of over $5000.

Most consultants will give you an action plan with details on how to cut your energy use.


Page last updated on 12 December 2018