New technology to measure and monitor usage

Wireless technology is proving a useful tool for businesses that want to monitor their energy use.

Workers look a monitors to measure energy use.

Energy-reading devices send data to computers and smart phones, where it is analysed in real time.

These ‘smart’ tools let businesses build up a picture of  their energy use over a period of time. This helps them identify problems and better manage their operations.

Energy monitoring devices

  • Smart meter monitors measure and monitor energy use as shown  in a smart meter.

  • Smart clamp-on energy meters measure a portion of a business’s energy use. The tool is used on properties that don’t have a smart energy meter.

  • Smart submeters measure sections of a business’s energy consumption.

  • Circuit-breaker meters are similar to submetering. They offer circuit-level measurement of energy.

Timers to control appliances and equipment

Businesses gain control of their energy use through:

  • setting individual timers on equipment

  • scheduling energy-hungry machines to operate overnight.

These systems work best and save money when combined with solar power and battery storage.

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