Net Zero Industry and Innovation

Driving a clean industrial revolution

The Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program is the NSW Government's plan to support and partner with industry to reduce emissions and help NSW businesses prosper in a low carbon world. By accelerating the development of clean technology and decarbonisation, we will grow the economy, support jobs and significantly reduce emissions.

This program is part of the NSW Government's NSW Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030 to reduce emissions by 35 percent by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

The Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program has three areas of focus:

1. Clean Technology Innovation 

Supporting the development and continued innovation of emerging clean technologies. 

This focus area will enable knowledge sharing, capacity building and collaboration between researchers, industry and government. 

The technologies supported through this focus area will be guided by the OCSE Decarbonisation Innovation Study. The priority areas will include, but not limited to: 

  • Electrification and Energy Systems 
  • Land and Primary Industries 
  • Power fuels including hydrogen 

If you are involved in the research development and commercialisation of low emissions products and services, we encourage you to get involved. This could include:  

  • academics and researchers 
  • entrepreneurs and innovators 
  • investors  
  • community and interest groups  
  • environmental non-government organisations (NGOs)  

2. New Low Carbon Industry Foundations 

Laying the foundations for low emissions industries by building enabling infrastructure and increasing the capability of our supply chains, fostering and supporting the emergence of Clean Manufacturing Precincts (CMPs) in NSW. 

Organisations or groups of organisations should get involved if they are: 

  • existing high-emitting industries who are currently partnered with or interested in partnering with other industries to develop enabling infrastructure  
  • part of an industry or research group that currently, or have plans to deploy low carbon technologies that will aid in decarbonisation 
  • infrastructure manufacturer, operator or financier who currently, or have plans to deploy low carbon technologies 
  • Non-Government Organisations, Not-For-Profit organisations and Government Funded Entities who bring together or support clean technology industries. 
  • parties who can participate in hydrogen hub development  

3. High Emitting Industries  

Deploying low emissions technologies and infrastructure to reduce the emissions associated with existing, high emitting industrial facilities.

High emitting manufacturing and mining facilities with a threshold emission greater than 0.09 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year should become involved in the High Emitting Industries focus area.  

How to get involved

We have opened a confidential Registration of Interest (ROI) for interested organisations across the three focus areas. We are particularly keen to hear from industry and business, investors, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, communities, interest groups and non-government organisations. A series of consultations and workshops will follow.  

To start an ROI, please click on the relevant focus area below:   

For organisations with numerous projects or interest across the three focus areas, you can submit multiple responses. Please note, you can save your ROI throughout your application. 

If you’d like to prepare your answers prior to submitting an ROI, you can download the PDF to see all questions.  Keep in mind, all ROI’s must be submitted using the online form above.  

These ROIs will close at 5pm (AEST) Tuesday 27 April 2021.  

Unsure which ROI to submit? 

If you are unsure which ROI is best suited to your organisation, we encourage that you complete all that are relevant. 

Frequently asked questions 

To support you to complete your ROI, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions. 

If you require further support or would like to discuss how the Program can support your business, please contact us at: netzeroindustry [at]

Stay updated

If you wish to receive updates on the Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program but don’t wish to participate in the ROI process, fill in your details below. 

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This registration of details is for information gathering and consultation purposes only. Participation in this process does not constitute a formal proposal to the NSW Government.

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