Choose energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances will save you money and help the environment. 

Close up of hand selecting cycle on washing machine.

Running costs add up – check how much

If you’re looking to save money on your power and water bills:

  • Always check the energy rating labels when you are shopping for a new appliance.

  • Use the energy rating calculator to find out how much an appliance costs to run.

  • Use a power meter to check how much power an appliance is using.  Power meters are available in some local libraries or you can buy one.  

Buy smart and save

If you are buying a new appliance, check our list of commonly purchased items for tips:


Fridges and freezers


Washing machines and dryers

Air conditioners

Need help buying a fridge or TV?

The NSW Government appliance replacement offer provides eligible households with discounts on new energy efficient fridges and televisions.


When replacing your appliances, consider recycling the old one. Search here to find your closest recycling point.


Page last updated on 17 July 2019