Emerging technologies

There are new products and services on the market that give customers more control and choice over how they use and consume energy. They include:

  • energy management systems and displays
  • battery storage
  • smart meters.

Energy management systems and displays

Some retailers may be able to show you how much your renewable energy system is generating and when you are using electricity.

You can also get a display for your system that lets you monitor electricity generation – just ask your solar installer or inverter manufacturer.

Battery storage

Home solar battery systems store solar energy generated during the day and make it available when the sun isn’t shining. This could save you even more on your bill.

For information, visit the NSW Home Solar Battery Guide.

Smart meters

Smart meters, also known as advanced meters, are digital meters that measure the amount of electricity used at any given time. The information can be viewed remotely, which eliminates the need for manual meter reading. They also enable energy service providers to offer new services.

In the future, smart appliances will be able to communicate with smart meters, helping people to better control their electricity use.

You’ll find more information on our smart meters page, and Metering Information fact sheet.

Page last updated on 20 March 2019