Solar battery calculator

This tool aims to help you understand whether you could financially benefit from a solar battery system, through the Empowering Homes program. The results are an estimate only. Please talk to the approved suppliers for a more detailed assessment of the costs and savings.

What is your postcode?

This program is currently only available in eligible postcodes in the Hunter Region. However, all households in NSW can use this calculator.

Do you already have solar installed?

Yes, I have solar and the system size is: kW

Roughly what was the cost of your last quarterly electricity bill?

For example, household quarterly electricity bills typically range from $275 - $975.

How does your household use electricity?

Which option best represents when your household uses most of its electricity during the week.

Would you be interested in joining a Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) allows energy generated and stored, but not used by the household, to be sold back to the grid at times of peak demand. A VPP can help you generate additional benefit from your solar system. This is currently estimated at up to $150 per year.

What type of tariff do you have?

A tariff refers to the price you are charged for the electricity you use. This can be found on your electricity bill.