The solar bonus scheme is closed

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme closed on 31 December 2016.

The scheme was a success, adding more than 342 MW of renewable energy capacity to the grid – more than three times the capacity of Australia’s largest solar farm.

If you’re a solar owner you can now get a feed-in tariff, nominated by your retailer, for the electricity your panels feed into the grid.

To get the most benefit out of your solar PV system, you should try to use the solar power you generate to meet as much of your home’s energy needs as possible, rather than using more expensive grid electricity.

If you were a gross metered customer and you haven’t already changed to a net metering arrangement, you will not be able to use your solar power. Contact your electricity retailer to install a smart meter if you want to change to net-metering. Smart meters can also offer additional benefits to help you save on electricity bills.

Most retailers are offering smart meters at no upfront cost to the customers – it’s worth comparing the different retailers’ packages.

For more information, download our Solar Bonus Scheme FAQs fact sheet.

Information resources for former Solar Bonus Scheme customers

The Division of Energy, Water and Portfolio Strategy has developed a range of materials to assist you to make the most of your solar PV system into the future, including fact sheets, videos and responses to frequently asked questions.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released a series of fact sheets and an offer comparison tool to help Solar Bonus Scheme customers maximise the benefits of their solar PV system after the Scheme closed:

Fact Sheet 1 - Options for solar customers after the Solar Bonus Scheme ends

Fact Sheet 2 - Why SBS customers should change to a net meter

Fact Sheet 3 - Solar customers should shop around for the best retail electricity offer

Fact Sheet 4 - Why feed-in tariffs are less than the retail price of electricity

Fact Sheet 5 - Home battery systems

IPART Offer comparison tool

You can also watch a video of one of the NSW Government-hosted information sessions. It gives information about the closure of the Solar Bonus Scheme and how to maximise your solar PV system now the Scheme is finished.

Page last updated on 8 April 2019