Jon has no regrets about installing a solar battery system to future proof his retirement costs

Case study

Jon and his wife Susie had thought about going solar for a few years. 

They had researched solar panels and batteries but decided to hold off installing a  system in their home.

We got a few quotes for the solar panels and at that stage I wasn’t going to go down the battery path because you’d talk to people and they’d say the price will come down and tech will get better,” recalls Jon.

But in February 2020, Jon saw a promotion for the NSW Government Empowering Homes offer of interest-free loans to homeowners for up to $14,000 to install a solar battery system or $9,000 for a battery to add to an existing solar set-up. He liked that the battery was part of the package and the financial benefits made sense to him.

“Purchasing the system using a no-interest loan and being a state-supported  program, it really was a no brainer!” he says. 

With retirement on the horizon, Jon wanted to make sure he was putting in a top-quality system that would last a long time and reduce the amount of electricity he  had to buy from the grid.

The Bonnells Bay couple now have a 5kWh battery and 7kW solar system powering their home for much of the day. 

The Empowering Homes offer is currently running as a pilot for homeowners in eligible postcodes before rolling out across the state.

Jon says that his new solar battery system will add value to his home, future-proof his retirement costs and help the environment. He also likes that he can track his electricity use through an app on his laptop. “You can check how your system is going and whether your battery is charging,” he says. 

With their new system, Jon and Susie will save approximately $650 a year on electricity bills while repaying the loan over an eight-year term. After the loan is repaid , they will save an estimated $2,400 a year.

Is this offer right for you? Learn more including eligibility and how to apply.

Page last updated on 19 January 2021